Website design and Development

Have a look at our services below and ask us for a FREE quote to customize a solution to suit the needs of your business. All our development services comes with a Wordpress CMS that will give you total control over the content on your website.

Whats more! All development services below are fully compatible with our range of WordPress Plugins that will give your site the ultimate recipe for your online business solution.

Website Development

Our Kitchen can cook up anything!

Our focus is on the project as a whole considering all the required aspects and beyond. At WebAways we realize its the small things, the fine detail, that gives a website the "x-factor".

What is your online need?
- One-pager website
- Large website
- Responsive website
- Graphic animation (no Flash)
- Interactive wesite
- Forms
whatever you desire...

Website Design

Presentation is KEY!

We design to fit your needs, the needs of your business and most important the needs and expectations of your online audience.

What are your design needs?
- Minimalistic design
- Complex design
- Sophisticated design
- Corporate design
- Graphic orianted design
- Typography orianted design
- Web 2.0 design
- Animations (frame design)
- Form layout design
- Menu design
- Sliders design
you name it...

Online System Development

Access your data, anytime, anywhere!

We can provide you with an online solution to speed up your business proccess!

Data capturing, data management,
data reporting, calculations,
graphs, etc...

Just provide us with a spec and we'll deliver!